We walked away with 25 overall awards- 8 of them being 1st Place!!! 🥇
10 Scholarships, 8 Fusion Star Awards, 4 Judges Choice Awards, 2 Platinum Stars (out of 4 given out the entire weekend) 19 Platinums, 13 High Golds, and 4 Special Recognition/Studio Awards!!
And let’s not forget our Title winners:
Miss Petite Fusion- Lucy Haygood
Miss Junior Fusion- Payton Miller
Miss Teen Fusion- Cloe Turner
Mr Teen Fusion- Christian Gomez
Fusion National Dance Competition 2018

#081 Welcome To The Jungle
Platinum, Intermediate Small Group 4th Overall

#086 Jump Around
Platinum, “Practically A Party” Judges Award, Intermediate Large Group 1st Overall

#090 Shake The Room
High Gold

#096 My Boyfriends Back
Platinum, Recreational Small Group 1st Overall

#103 Lay It Back
High Gold, Intermediate Small Group 5th Overall

#111 Beautiful Thing
Platinum, Intermediate Small Group 3rd Overall

#115 Prodigy
Platinum, Elite Junior Small Group 1st Overall

#120 Alice

#122 My Clique
Platinum, Elite Teen Large Group 1st Overall

#131 Hollywood Wiz
High Gold

#136 Snap Your Fingers
High Gold

#141 Sweet Dreams
Platinum, Elite Teen Small Group 2nd Overall

#145 End of Time
High Gold, Intermediate Small Group 7th Overall

#156 Praying
Platinum, “Full of Emotion” Judges Award, Elite Teen Small Group 1st Overall

#167 Backing Down
Platinum, Elite Teen Small Group 4th Overall

#171 One Way Or Another
Platinum, Elite Teen Large Group 3rd Overall

Studio Awards:
Intermediate Star Power “Power House” Award
Sportmanship Award


#27 Walk The Dinosaur- Jazmin Campbell
High Gold & Fusion Star Award

#29 Dance Like Nobody’s Watching- Lucy Haygood
Platinum, Intermediate Petite Solo 4th Overall, Scholarship to Dancer Palooza, Fusion Star Award & Miss Petite Fusion Title

#33 Grown- Kylie Sidman
Platinum, Intermediate Junior Solo 1st Overall & Scholarship to Dancer Palooza & Miss Photogenic 11& Under

#34 Hips Don’t Lie- Mikaylah Payne
High Gold & Intermediate Junior Solo 5th Overall

#35 Havana- Eden Engel
High Gold

#37 Box of Secrets- Jaycie Hess
High Gold

#40 Tears of An Angel- Alexandra Seymore
High Gold

#41 Shake It Off- Jaycie Hess
High Gold & London Tour Scholarship

#53 Fly- Payton Miller
Platinum & “Heart of Gold” Award

#55 Little Susie- Jenna Zogaib
Platinum, “Committed” Judges Award, ASH Scholarship Award, Fusion Star Award & Elite Junior 3rd Place Overall

#59 La Flor- Payton Miller
Platinum, ASH Scholarship Award, Fusion Star Award, Elite Junior Solo 1st Place Overall & Miss Junior Fusion Title

#195 Runnin- Shakeva Yarde
High Gold, “Passionate Performer” Judges Award, Intermediate Senior Solo 5th Overall & Fusion Star Award

#260 Love So Soft- Natalie Alicea
High Gold

#268 About You- Kiana Jones
High Gold, Intermediate Teen Solo 7th Overall

#282 Move Your Body- Cloe Turner
Platinum Star, ASH Scholarship Award, Fusion Star Award, Fusion Ambassador Award, Elite Teen Solo 1st Overall & Miss Teen Fusion Title

#285 Pray- Courteney Latimer
Platinum, Elite Teen Solo 6th Overall, Scholarship to Dancer Palooza & Miss Fusion Title 2nd Runner Up

#302 Prey- Sandra Ukah
Platinum Star, Fusion Star Award & Elite Teen Solo 3rd Overall

#303 Ending- Christian Gomez
Platinum, TRIBE Full Scholarship, Fusion Star Award, Elite Teen Solo 5th Overall & Mr. Teen Fusion Title

#310 Rain- Abigale Dimarco
Platinum, London Tour Scholarship & Elite Teen Solo 10th Overall

#318 Water Reflections- Cloe Turner & Jaelyn Wrench
Platinum & Elite Teen Duet/Trio 1st Overall

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