2023-2024 Class Schedule
Policies & Procedures

This schedule is subject to change. We reserve the right to combine or cancel classes at any time due to enrollment. A minimum of 8 students must enroll per class.

Current pricing as of 6/15/2023

Registration Fees
$35.00 Single Student / $55.00 Family

Monthly Fees:

1 Class Per Week-$68.00

2 Classes Per Week-$124.00

3 Classes Per Week-$176.00

4 Classes Per Week-$217.00

5 Classes Per Week-$255.00

6 Classes Per Week-$284.00

Any additional classes will also be discounted.

2 Hour Classes will be the first charged and any additional classes will be discounted from there.

(Discounts apply for multiple classes)

10% off for additional family members (on lesser tuition amount)
ONE FREE trial class per dancer. Each additional Trial Class is $17.00.

Amount will apply towards student’s tuition fee upon enrollment.

**Company Fees and Rates are separate from those listed above**

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