These kids blow us away each and every time they step on stage! We all had a phenomenal weekend in Daytona at @showbiztalent! It may have been our last regional competition, but the memories made this competition season will last a lifetime! Here is our FULL list of awards from this weekend:

Kiana Jones “About You”
Ruby High Gold, Ruby Teen 10th Overall

Natalie Alicea “Love So Soft”
Ruby High Gold, Ruby Teen 8th Overall, Teen Jazz Icon Award

Cloe Turner “The Lake at Midnight”
Diamond Platinum

Christian Gomez “Ending”
Diamond Platinum, Diamond Mr. Teen Showbiz Title

Abigale Dimarco “Rain”
Diamond High Gold

Cloe Turner “Move Your Body”
Diamond Platinum, Diamond Teen 8th Overall, Teen Jazz Icon Award

Courteney Latimer “Pray”
Diamond Platinum

Jaycie Hess “Shake It Off”
Ruby High Gold

Alexandra Seymore “Tears of An Angel”
Ruby High Gold

Jaycie Hess “Box of Secrets”
Ruby High Gold

Mikaylah Payne “Hips Don’t Lie”
Ruby High Gold, Ruby Junior 10th Overall

Eden Engel “Havana”
Ruby High Gold, Ruby Junior 6th Overall

Jenna Zogaib “Little Susie”
Diamond Platinum, Diamond Junior 8th Overall

Lucy Haygood “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching”
Ruby High Gold, Ruby Pre-Junior 4th Overall

Kylie Sidman “Grown”
Ruby Platinum, Ruby Pre-Junior 2nd Overall, Pre-Junior Jazz Icon Award, Ruby Miss Pre-Junior Showbiz Title

Payton Miller “Fly”
Diamond Platinum, Pre-Junior Lyrical Icon Award

Payton Miller “La Flor”
Diamond Platinum, Diamond Pre-Junior 1st Overall

Jazmin Campbell “Walk the Dinosaur”
Ruby Platinum, Petite Costume Award, Ruby Petite 2nd Overall

Sandra Ukah “Prey”
Diamond Platinum, Diamond Pre-Teen 2nd Overall

Shakeva Yarde “Runnin”
Ruby High Gold

“Water Reflections” Diamond Platinum, Diamond 2nd Overall

“Shake The Room” Ruby High Gold

“Beautiful Thing” Ruby High Gold, Ruby 5th Overall

“Welcome to the Jungle” Ruby High Gold, Ruby 4th Overall

“Prodigy” Diamond Platinum, Diamond 2nd Overall

“My Boyfriends Back” Sapphire High Gold, Sapphire 2nd Overall

“Lay It Back” Ruby High Gold, Ruby 9th Overall

“Jump Around” Ruby Platinum, Ruby 1st Overall

“Snap Your Fingers” Diamond High Gold

“Backing Down” Diamond Platinum, Diamond 7th Overall

“Praying” Diamond Platinum, Diamond 8th Overall

“End of Time” Ruby High Gold, Ruby 5th Overall

“Sweet Dreams” Diamond Platinum, Diamond 9th Overall

“One Way Or Another” Diamond Platinum, Diamond 5th Overall

“Hollywood Wiz” Ruby High Gold, Ruby 7th Overall

“My Clique” Diamond Platinum, Judges Choice Award, Diamond 2nd Overall

“Alice” Ruby Platinum, Ruby 1st Overall,
Ruby Icon Award (Highest Scoring Group of the Division all Weekend)

WHO ARE WE!? 🏆🙌🏼💚🎉 #edgedancestudios

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